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Our five Pacific languages Kuki Airani, Vagahau Niue, GaganaTokelau, Samoan, Tongan are our current priority with the others to follow.We are not a party political group. We are a cross party, cross Pacific communities, cross ethnicity, cross institutions concerned coordinating group acting solely on behalf of our constitutient organisations, familes, churches and individuals.

Pacific and education and Pacific spokespeople from all political parties are entitled to subscribe to our communications. Most receive copies of all communications. The Pacific Languages Petition for example was presented jointly to Peseta Sam Lotu Inga (National) and Su'a William Sio (Labour) and Catherine Delahunty (Greens) at a function jointly organised by Peseta Sam and Su'a to which all MPs were invited to attend. We are concerned about Language, Culture, Identity Belonging and enhancing Citizenship. We seek the support of all organisations and all Political Parties in this struggle.

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Kia Ora / Taloha ni/ Kia Orana/ Fakaalofa lahi atu / Malo e lelei/ Talofa lava

Our goal: Recognition of the five main Pacific languages in New Zealand as official minority languages so Pacific children have the right to can grow up speaking reading and writing their own heritage language/s and English from a young age.
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Here we can discuss our passion to gain official recognition for Pacific peoples/Pasifika/ languages as official minority languges in Aotearoa NZ so that our children and grandchildren have the right to learn and use their languages in education for learning and in the wider society from a young age. At present in-spite of the long standing legal and constitutional relationships with NZ, Pasifika languages have no status in NZ different from foreign international languages.

Blessed with Bilingual Brains- Pacific Learners in Education

Aroʻaʻia te reo ʻenua. Tuatua mai tuatua atu tuatua mai.
A new Vision for for Pacific Education
1.1 To enjoy success in education as Pasifika (Tongan , Niue , Samoan, Tokelaun, Cook Is…) peoples.
1.2 To be able to grow up in NZ in the context of our own languages, cultures, values and beliefs.
1.3 To be able to live life as Pasifika (Tongan, Niue, Samoan, Tokelauan, Cook Is…) peoples in NZ.
1.4 To gain the skills, knowledge and understandings to be productive citizens of the wider world and participate in all areas of NZ society sharing in its material well being.
Adapted from Professor Mason Durie's Maori Education Strategy 2001

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  • Be part of the solution to language revitalisation in the Pacific region.
  • Support us in nurturing to build what we want. email to- bilingualleopacific@gmail.com

Our language and culture is a gift to us from God through our ancestors for our future generations.
Our legacy from God to our children should be to leave them with our language.
A language that is spoken is a language that will live.
What will our response be when God asks us - What did you do with the Language and Culture I gave you to nurture and pass on to your children?

What will you say?

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